Who’s This For?

Computer Frustration, Business Frustration, Life Frustration!If you can relate to BOTH images on this page, well, this is probably for you.

But I must emphasize, that first and foremost, this website and blog is about helping you achieve financial and physical independence by eliminating the ‘boss(es)’ in your life and reclaiming control… once and for all.  If you’ve already done that, then well done!  But perhaps you still need some help in stepping up to a higher level?

In order to be completely in control, you also need to be made aware of many other factors.  Consequently, within my ongoing blog and other areas of this site, I will include information relating to subjects of vital importance, much of which is NOT promoted through the mainstream media or regular outlets.  This will be *stuff* you need to know about!

And to add a bit more ‘spice’ into the picture… I’ll also throw in regular amounts of controversial pieces, in addition to… humour, music and other topics of entertainment.


Unconventional methods produce unconventional results!If you’re sick and tired of losing control of your life?  If you’ve decided that “enough is enough” by recognizing the fraudulent and corrupt ‘system’ which is now quickly eroding our freedoms and finances (leading many into abstract poverty)?  If you finally want to generate enough money to retire on, and FAST?  AND if you are open-minded?… then this site is for you!


  • If you happen to be ‘mature’ but stubborn — that’s OK, just be willing to listen to younger folks!
  • If you happen to be young and pig-headed — that’s OK too, just be willing to listen to wiser folks!

But whether you’re young, mature or anywhere in between, to get ahead these days and become thoroughly secure financially (or even wealthy), you need to definitely think out-of-the-box, adapt to different – unconventional – methods and strategies, listen to those who have already ‘done it’, occasionally be a bit crazy and probably most important of all… have FUN in what you do!  And yes, I’m talking about having fun in your income generating activity, as well as in every other aspect of your life.

Don’t know how or where?  Have no fear…  The Boss Eliminator is here! :-)