Nobel Farce Prize Won’t Save EU from Pain, Cuts & Riots!

RT talks to international investor James Rogers.  The Nobel academy's decided that 2012's best example of delivering peace and harmony is - the EU!  Its prize is a million euros - money it can certainly do with right now.  But it'll be tough to swallow for the hundreds of thousands of Europeans who've been angrily and violently protesting for years against governments forcing harsh cuts and tougher living conditions on them. … [Read more...]

NYPD Madness… Occupy Wall Street: The big brave men of the NYPD (‘Bloomberg’s army’) in all their brutal patheticness

Occupy Wall Street #S15 NYPD Madness

Are you a narcissist?  Yessir.  Are you a sociopath?  Yessir.  Are you a psychopath?  Yessir.  When can you start? ... The below video covers some of the events that took place during Luke Rudkowski's live broadcast at the Occupy Wall Street #S15 action, footage shot on 9/15/12 from 5pm to 9pm.  Don't forget to sign up for notifications on in order to get email alerts to when Luke is going live. You can also follow him on … [Read more...]

Fiscal Insanity Erupts As Bankrupt Nations Scramble To Bailout Other Bankrupt Nations

Video from: Clarke and Dawes... ask the million dollar questions!   … [Read more...]

Cash Is Worthless – Advice From A Billionaire

The entire system is CRASHING!!!  So, being 'liquid' financially is of prime importance, so as to be in a position to purchase 'hard assets' when necessary - which is basically NOW! Don't wait until it's too late.  If you currently don't have plentiful hard cash to purchase upward moving and stable commodities (such as gold and silver), then do EVERYTHING in your power to accumulate more cash ASAP. Speed is of the essence. If you need advice in generating an abundance of cash … [Read more...]

The Western Empire is Collapsing!!!

This video was made in April 2012, and the facts that Gerald Celente mentions in this video are happening today (September 2012)!  This man really knows his stuff!!! Here's a short video which highlights the bullshit we are fed by the mainstream media versus actual reality.  Gerald Celente is a financial forecaster who - since the 1980's - has been correct about predicting the global financial situation approximately 95% of the time!!! Consequently... this is a man we should listen to.  … [Read more...]