You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!!!

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Goes to the European Union! You Can’t Make This Stuff UP!!!

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Goes to the European Union. WHAT?  This has got to be a sick joke, right?  WRONG!  They’re actually serious!!! Are people starting to wake up yet??? … [Read more...]

Switzerland Prepares For Mass Civil Unrest In Europe

Switzerland Prepares For Mass Civil Unrest In Europe

Fears over race wars, economic fallout prompt new military battalions. Despite being one of the most stable and economically vibrant countries in the world, primarily as a result of its refusal to join the Euro, Switzerland is preparing for mass civil unrest in central Europe that could spill over its border, by mobilizing troops to deal with potential disorder. The Swiss military is adding four new military battalions to its army that will be spread around the country for the purposes of … [Read more...]

NYPD Madness… Occupy Wall Street: The big brave men of the NYPD (‘Bloomberg’s army’) in all their brutal patheticness

Occupy Wall Street #S15 NYPD Madness

Are you a narcissist?  Yessir.  Are you a sociopath?  Yessir.  Are you a psychopath?  Yessir.  When can you start? ... The below video covers some of the events that took place during Luke Rudkowski's live broadcast at the Occupy Wall Street #S15 action, footage shot on 9/15/12 from 5pm to 9pm.  Don't forget to sign up for notifications on in order to get email alerts to when Luke is going live. You can also follow him on … [Read more...]

Genetically Modified Food!!! What Could It Do To YOU???

Genetically Modified Food!!!

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UK – Seven Million Working Adults Are ‘Just One Bill Away From DISASTER’

Financial stress - Seven million working adults are 'just one bill away from disaster'

Adults in 3.6 million households struggling to feed themselves and their children Spiralling cost of living and squeezed salaries blamed for pushing working families to brink Childless couples with combined incomes of up to £29,000 were among those at risk of poverty Families had no equity in their home or savings if faced with unexpected large bill at the end of a month Nearly seven million working adults are under such financial strain each month a single … [Read more...]