The Western Empire is Collapsing!!!

This video was made in April 2012, and the facts that Gerald Celente mentions in this video are happening today (September 2012)!  This man really knows his stuff!!! Here's a short video which highlights the bullshit we are fed by the mainstream media versus actual reality.  Gerald Celente is a financial forecaster who - since the 1980's - has been correct about predicting the global financial situation approximately 95% of the time!!! Consequently... this is a man we should listen to.  … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Boss Eliminator!

Welcome to The Boss Eliminator... This website and blog is first and foremost about helping you achieve TOTAL financial and physical independence by eliminating your controlling 'boss(es)' - namely, FREEDOM! And as a direct result, also reclaiming control of your mind, body and spirit once and for all.  In essence... reclaiming YOUR LIFE! However, in order to be completely in control, you must know what's 'truly' happening all around you. You need to be made aware of other important … [Read more...]