UK – Seven Million Working Adults Are ‘Just One Bill Away From DISASTER’

Financial stress - Seven million working adults are 'just one bill away from disaster'

Adults in 3.6 million households struggling to feed themselves and their children Spiralling cost of living and squeezed salaries blamed for pushing working families to brink Childless couples with combined incomes of up to £29,000 were among those at risk of poverty Families had no equity in their home or savings if faced with unexpected large bill at the end of a month Nearly seven million working adults are under such financial strain each month a single … [Read more...]

Fiscal Insanity Erupts As Bankrupt Nations Scramble To Bailout Other Bankrupt Nations

Video from: Clarke and Dawes... ask the million dollar questions!   … [Read more...]

Cash Is Worthless – Advice From A Billionaire

The entire system is CRASHING!!!  So, being 'liquid' financially is of prime importance, so as to be in a position to purchase 'hard assets' when necessary - which is basically NOW! Don't wait until it's too late.  If you currently don't have plentiful hard cash to purchase upward moving and stable commodities (such as gold and silver), then do EVERYTHING in your power to accumulate more cash ASAP. Speed is of the essence. If you need advice in generating an abundance of cash … [Read more...]

Why People Are NOT Successful…

Why people are not successful

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How You Could Halve Your Parking Costs (UK)

How You Could Halve Your Parking Costs

By taking advantage of new services and technology you could more than halve the amount you spend on parking. If you think your car is expensive to run, you’re probably thinking of the high price of fuel, MOTs, insurance and tax. But there’s another cost that’s really starting to bite into Brits’ budgets. Recent figures from show more than one British driver in five spends over £150 ($225) on parking every single month.  £150 a month adds up to £1,800 ($2,700) a … [Read more...]